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Our jewellery is about design, but it is also about the realisation of the concept, about using the right materials and techniques to bring our bespoke pieces to life.   Good design needs proper execution.  It requires crafts-workers with skills and an understanding of how gold of all colours and carats will behave and interact, and our pieces are a testament to our team.  We value those skills and seek to bring them to everything we do by making our rings flawlessly, setting stones precisely, engraving artfully and finishing beautifully. 


The making of jewellery can be traced back to prehistory.  Some of our rings look very like those that can be found in great museums around the world and it gives us great satisfaction to maintain the traditions that can be traced back to before the written word.  We are sure you will appreciate the knowledge and skill that even the simplest ring can represent.

Our Story

The company was founded by John Gammage in Clerkenwell, London in 1861.  We are proud to have descendants of the three founders still associated with the business today, and a relative of the Gammage family runs the company.  In 1982 LW&G took over an even older company,  W. Wilkinson, (founded in 1832) and formed the company that is still supplying fine jewellery throughout the UK.

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Our Vision

Despite the credit crunch we are lucky to be able to still develop our business, shown by the large base of loyal customers and increasing numbers of new clients. Our growing customer base is a testament to our ethos of  aiming to leave every customer happy and guiding them with our professional advice. Our roots in traditional jewellery making methods are complemented by our keenness to learn new techniques and release new designs to cater for every customer.

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